instant cappuccino w foamed skimmed milk and vanilla essence (40cal)
tea w skimmed milk (15cal)
flavoured green tea
sugarfree Irish cappuccino from vending machine (i always assumed and read somewhere that it had less than 50cal, opinions vary and recently i read somewhere that it’s 100 which i don’t believe but lets be safe and say 100cals)
rooibos tea w skimmed milk (20cal)
1/2 weird cookie i made (cocoa powder, flour, dash of sugar, water)
black coffee
black coffee w tbsp 100% cocoa powder (30cal)

TOTAL: 115 or 165 (depending on vending machine coffee)


2x tea w skimmed milk
4x tbsp sugarfree ketchup
6 picked cucumbers with sugarfree ketchup, mustard, dab sweet chili sauce
flavoured green tea

TOTAL: 165cals


2x black tea w skimmed milk, green tea, 3 pickled cucumbers w sugarfree ketchup, mustard and dash of chili sauce

TOTAL: 70kcal










So that wasn’t very successful lol, also haven’t been on my blog for ages – SORRY!!!

What I’m doing atm is eating as little as possible and drinking tea and coffee/cocoa (you can find my recipe here under Hot Coffee/Cocoa drink :), including flavoured 0 cal Green tea; plus my homemade yoghurt popsicles (you can also find the recipe under the previous link)

I’ll try posting my cals here everyday or maybe i’m going to do this on tumblr and link it, idk yet but i’ll start with posting what I had yesterday, which is embarassing and wasn’t easy to post but maybe it’ll keep me from being so fucking greedy!


2x 72kcal coffee/cocoa/skimmed milk = 116
1x black tea w skimmed milk = 20kcal
1x rooibos tea w skimmed milk = 20kcal
3x green tea apple/pear = 0kcal
1x fruit tea = 0kcal
1 bite homemade yoghurt popsicle = 13kcal
1x pasta + zucchini + oil = probably 400kcal PURGED
1x flour + sugar + milk = 432 kcal PURGED
Prob 200-300kcal of rest that wasn’t purged(optimistic guess)

1002kcal – 532kcal purged (optimistic guess) = 470kcal

TOTAL ~500kcal (if i’m not lucky and purging wasn’t as successful everything from about 500-700???

Hating myself for that slip-up in the evening :(((


Today I started doing the 31-Day Diet, I will keep you updated on how it goes!!!


Day 1: superhungry at night, coping okay with calorie amount throughout the day,feeling fat in the evening

Day 2: -0,6kg, sticking to calorie amount easily, at first problems eating enough, feeling fat in the evening and like i’ve eaten tons!!! :/


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