Diese verdammte Angst. Ich weiß nicht, warum sie seit zwei Wochen soso schlimm ist!? I have this constant feeling that people are going to make fun of me, talk about me and laugh at me. That my whole body starts shaking out of the blue doesn’t make it any better. Today I tried some ‘ first aid tips for panic attacks’ that I looked up online, such as certain breathing techniques while counting to ten etc. It helped a bit. Unfortunately I had the urge to drink and I drowned everything in alcohol – again. One of the things that I learned about panic attacks though and that make sense to me ist, that judging yourself for your angst and panic attacks makes everything worse. If you’re thinking ‘fuckihaveapanicattackwhatamigonnado fuckihaveapanicattackwhatamigonnado……’ it’s certainly not going to help, on the contrary, it makes everything worse. Apparently, you’re supposed to accept your angst. Makes sense but isn’t as easy.


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