University Exams

Guys, I gotta tell you I’m so fucking proud!!! Probably not exactly something to be proud of for a ‘normal’ person but hey, for me, it’s like such big success!!! I stayed a couple days at my parents’ place to study…for some reason I can study there whereas as S.’s place I can’t. Today I had a fucking exam and I filled in so many answers…!!! It was probably complete crap but hey, my fucking brain produced some shit!!!! I’m so looking forward to the results, I’m curious whether it’s a pass!! I haven’t written a fucking essay in three years and I wrote a pretty good one today…that def means something if I(!) am that positive. Whether I passed or not, I’m proud. My fucked up brain actually remembered some stuff!!!!Well, we’ll see…never be too positive…worst case scenario is always the safest… but I’m pretty positive. Just had to tell you how excited I am. I’m probably a bit manic right now. Bought some vodka and went to starbucks, ordered black coffee cos I don’t exactly have much money 😉 Drank some at the loo and for the moment I feel f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s like a queen, lol xD Also already studied a bit, fuck I actually studied, I’m so fucking proud!!!

Sorry for the usage of ‘fuck’ in this post but it’s one of my favourite word  even though I come from such a perfect little family…;) Fuck is such a powerful word that expresses feelings so fucking well so…^^

I hope you guys are okay and not manic like me right now, because maniacs are sure to crush violently eventually. Not going to think about it right now but enjoying the high, vodka rocks!!!!

Love y’all xx Rosey


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