I browsed through my old blog (2012-2015) and saved all the posts….lol, pretty embarassing looking at old pics especially those where I thought I looked skinny and healthy but maybe that’s just how I see it now with my BDD back and all. There was some really nice and useful stuff too though, amazing how positive I once was! I’m probably going to create file on dropbox with my old posts and if you’re interested you can skip through them without all the complicated scrolling back on the actual webpage.

I decided to pick up some of my super-old posts and edit them or just post them here, also I’m really inspired now and have loads of ideas what I could blog about (other than the fat-rants). Let’s see how that’ll go….I usually lose my enthusiasm really quickly and end up doing none of the things I planned :/ But as for now, I’ll just start with some random posts just as the fancy takes me so to speak 😉



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