The Marina Joyce story :O

Hi everyone!

So I was watching youtube vids when I stumbled across the Marina Joyce story and I have to say it really is creeping me out!!!  I’m usually a very critical person when it comes to social media and media in general, because it’s amazing to see what lies stories and people are built up upon when something gets uncovered – which I love lol, I really enjoy watching those truth revealing vids and I think everyone should see them. Of course there’s that teenie weenie percentage of me wondering whether the uncovering is actually fake as well…I guess we’ll never know unless we get involved into something like this. Best thing is to not believe everything that’s on the media.

But back to Marina Joyce. I’m really curious for this to become uncovered asap, it would be shocking if all the suspicions are true ! I totally see where they come from, her vids the comments and everything had me freaked out and some people who talk about it on social media like this guy , seem pretty legit. He doesn’t say there’s truth to it but he raises lots of critical points. I noticed the videos I saw on Marina Joyce so far are already two to three days old and I’m impatiently waiting to get to those videos that claim that the ‘truth’ has been uncovered….

As for now, there are a lot of questions in my head right now, like

Is there really something diabolic going on?
Are the commenters the ones  ‘creating’ all the drama (meaning the more people post scary things, the scarier the whole thing get and the scarier things are posted….)?
Are those justification videos etc she posts legit? Can we believe what she says?
Is it co-incidence that there are typical signs for help in her vids?
What’s up with this  boyfriend?
Her mum in the long chat video seems honest, is she?
Is Marina victim of a huge drama that her fans (not on purpose of course) created and fed and is it all a misunderstanding?

Lots and lots of questions but as for all stories about someone being in danger it’s best to take it seriously and keep an eye on the whole thing. If it’s indeed not what it looks like, then we’ll all just be a bunch of idiots imagining conspiracies but if it is, then thank god that we took this seriously!!

I’ll be updating on this and maybe meanwhile the mystery has been solved, we’ll see. xx
If you want to see for yourself, here are a couple links that will get you started on the Marina Joyce story:




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