99 Reasons to not binge

Found this on tumblr and had to reblog!!! The highlighted ones are those that are important to me 🙂 ❤

  1. It’s never worth it.
  2. Imagine how much weight you’ve lost in the last few days. If you binge now that was all for nothing because you’ll gain it all back.
  3. Do it for cute clothes, shopping sprees, being happy
  4. Because food will never satisfy you.
  5. If you binge now, the urges will keep coming back. If you binge now, it will not be the last time. It’ll keep going on and on. Break the cycle.
  6. That full feeling is so much worse than feeling dizzy with hunger.
  7. Because control is power.
  8. Collarbones, thigh gap, flat stomach.
  9. Think of all the times you’ve binged, how it felt sitting up in the middle of the night. Don’t put yourself through that again.
  10. You can reach your GWs. It just takes a bit of control.
  11. It’s nearly summer. Still, plenty of time to get skinny.
  12. Do it for that belly button piercing to look hot as fuck.
  13. Imagine feeling comfortable in a bikini. You’ll never be comfortable in a bikini if you binge.
  14. Get thin to be able to fit into those old jeans.
  15. Just because you messed up yesterday, doesn’t mean you can’t do great today.
  16. Reach those GWs. You fucking deserve it after all this shit you’ve been though.
  17. In a week’s time you could be so much lighter.
  18. Do it so he can pick you up and say you’re light.
  19. Do it so people will worry again.
  20. Do it so your fucking period leaves you the hell alone again.
  21. Do it so you’re not afraid of going shopping and seeing mirrors.
  22. Do it so you can get your makeup done professionally and you’ll look perfect.
  23. Self control is so important, not just for weight loss. Practice now.
  24. For the before and after pictures.
  25. You’re gonna be the skinniest bitch you’ve ever seen. I promise. If you don’t binge.
  26. To wear white skinny jeans with a black sweater.
  27. To wear PINK workout clothes and just lounge around the house.
  28. To wear a sports bra and oversized trackies when working out.
  29. To wear triangl bikinis and feel like a model.
  30. So you won’t be called ‘heavy’ when picked up
  31. To proudly tell people your clothing size
  32. To have thighs that look small in anything
  33. So you won’t have to compare yourself to others in the changing room
  34. To look good in short shorts
  35. To have people ask you for diet tips
  36. To have people say you look like a model.
  37. So that you’ll begin to envy a model’s clothes, not her body
  38. To look sexy without trying
  39. To be able to change in front of friends
  40. Being able to sit on his lap and be picked up
  41. Having small thighs when sitting
  42. Look good with messy hair, just woken up.
  43. Looking in the mirror and seeing bones, not fat
  44. The feel of your ribs and hip bones sticking out
  45. Being cold all the time because you’re so thin and loving it
  46. Always looking good in heels
  47. Size 0 skinny jeans
  48. Looking small in baggy shirts with jeans
  49. Having visible collarbones
  50. Having a thigh gap
  51. Sitting in the middle of the car because you’re the smallest
  52. To enjoy concerts and get drunk and party and just live life
  53. Not having to worry about what people say behind your back because it doesn’t matter, nothing does because you’re thin
  54. To become someone else’s thinspo
  55. Binging is not fucking worth it, EVER, and it’s painful and it’s so fucking pointless. Why do you keep doing it?
  56. So that you can try on clothes without wanting to stay in the fitting room, curl up into a ball, and die.
  57. So that every and any photograph taken of you from any angle will look good.
  58. So that you won’t be the fattest girl out of all your friends.
  59. So that boys will think of you as girlfriend potential, not that funny girl who’s kind of chubby.
  60. So that all your old expensive clothes fit again
  61. So that you’re cheek bones will be fucking amazing again
  62. Because skinny girls can get away with, making any face, wearing any outfit, or having any hairstyle
  63. So that you don’t look like a messy slob with no self control
  64. So that you’re friends respect you
  65. So that you’re arm flab doesn’t spread out when you rest your arms on your side
  66. So that people whisper about how skinny you’ve gotten behind your back
  67. So that you when you sit, no matter what you’re wearing your stomach remains one flat perfect board
  68. So that you never have to worry about your disgusting love handles oozing over the edges of your too-tight pants
  69. So that you can rush out of the house in jeans and a t-shirt and look like a model
  70. So that you don’t look like a fat little kid anymore.
  71. So that you make your parents proud instead of being their fat-ass daughter without any self control
  72. So that you’re boyfriend will be proud to show your photo, or you off to his friends
  73. So that you can wake up in the morning without trying on a million and a half outfits and looking fat in each one
  74. So that your self control, your amazing discipline shines through for everyone to see.
  75. So that there is a space between your legs.
  76. So that the shorter the shorts, the better.
  77. So that you’ll be referred to as the pretty one
  78. So that you’re hip bones will hurt people when you hug them
  79. So that your shoulder blades are literally blades
  80. So that your ribs are always showing, not just when you stretch
  81. So that nobody even remembers that girl you used to be
  82. So that you’re delicate and graceful
  83. So that when people do see you eat they will not be thinking, “put down the fork fat ass”
  84. So that when you try on your friends clothes they’re too big
  85. So that being however weird crazy or out there you are is acceptable because you’ll look good doing it
  86. So that if god forbid someone finds out that you’re starving yourself they don’t say “really? But you don’t look anorexic”
  87. Because who wants a fat daughter, best friend, or girlfriend
  88. So that everything is finally perfect
  89. Remember how unhealthy you feel after a binge
  90. To be the carefree girl who lives life to the full
  91. To wake up tomorrow and weigh less
  92. To be tiny and delicate
  93. So people say you look like you’re about to break
  94. Because what’s the point of eating when you don’t need to?
  95. To be the skinny friend
  96. So when you sit down your thighs don’t spread out to the size of an ocean
  97. So you can be more confident
  98. To not have to worry about calories
  99. To love yourself 



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