Stalkers, Fasts, Alcohol Abuse, Uni and more

Hi there!

I think I’m giving up on trying to update my main page daily, i just don’t find the energy and strength to 😉 I find it easier to update the ‘pages’ section so I’ll be focussing on that.

Otherwise -brief update: My ex-boyfriend is still stalking me and terrorising me mentally, i think i’ve never talked about that on here before. I might, some time, tell the whole story. It has totally messed me up emotionally (not that i wasn’t before but now it’s even worse) and I’m having my number changed AGAIN, cos my mobile supplier failed in setting my number as private, no idea why cos i explicitely asked for it.

I’m still fat. Or fat again. Idk. I haven’t weighed myself for ages because impulsive and self-destructive as i am i’m scared of the number, last time didn’t go so well to put it euphemistically. Two weeks ago i managed to fast for 5 days straight for the first time, now i’m doing it again but for 7 days minimum, until my next doctor check-up… I hope that by that time i’ll be able to deal with the number.

Alcohol abuse: well, that’s pretty self-explanatory…

Uni is going okayish…no idea where i should take the time for studying for all the exams :/ I manage fairly well at those group projects we’re doing, was even able to connect with a few of my fellow students and i managed most times to attend my courses.

I got to get off now because i actually have to do some last-minute project work and time is flying 😓😓

Love y’all, take care and have a good day!

xx 🌸 🌸 🌸


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