Failing gloriously at uni -.-

Fuck this shit i’m sitting in my semantics class and i was so proud for handing in that fucking homework, turns out they’re talking about something completely different again, there was another homework which i didn’t do (also i have no clue what any of those symbols we’re supposed to work with mean). This sucks, feeling like a fucking failure again….

This means either extra work or just chucking this fucking university shit. However i could probably never forgive myself for not having an academic title especially since i’m still convinced that this is what i was meant to do and must have in my cv. it surely makes a lot of difference but i just have zero energy to do this.

And by the way, i’m fucking fat.


2 thoughts on “Failing gloriously at uni -.-

    • I changed the course, I couldn’t have managed otherwise :/ But I’m doing well now, I can keep up and also got in contact with my colleagues, it feels nice to be accepted 🙂 Of course I’m always anxious but it’s not that bad anymore. Also turns out lots of other students have the same thoughts as me and are confused, say that the Linguistics Faculty is in fact chaotic and lots of students leave before getting their diploma. Apart from those 1 1/3 papers I still have to write and 4 tricky exams I’m positive to finish by September! xx


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