My cat saved my life!!!

My gorgeous cute little baby must be an angel sent from heaven…she literally saved me and maybe my life today. She did the lovliest cutest thing that she does so seldom….when i was about to binge on a fucking bottle of vodka and throw in a couple pills and cut myself (shortly after posting stuff on fb)….she came to me just in the right moment, jumped on my lap and moved her cutsie little paws, you know the way they say that cats did/do as a kitten when they wanted security and milk from their mummy, tapping on foot after the other again and again!? It was like she said ‘hey mummy i need you’. Then she cuddled on my lap and and enjoyed me stroking her on the head (you have to know that she’s not a usually social cat, she’s a princess and chooses when to come and go 😉
Anyways we sort of lay there for an hour while i listed to music and cries and i really got better. I couldn’t abandon my baby. It’s when she dies that i will die, i couldn’t handle it. And until then she needs me 🙂

My baby:





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