Kicked out of therapy

Hi 🙂

So I haven’t been talking on here about my therapy lately, mostly on my fb account and since i’m too lazy to repeat it all i will post screenshots of my posts.

facebook screenshotsCapturebgöeböqjbäwebäga

I was very desperate and got really emotional and panicky and bursted into tears as soon as she let me into the room….it was an awful feeling having the last therapy session and being on your own from now on although both parties agree that i’m long not ready for this.

She was the first good therapist I ever had and I like her a lot, since she really seems to care about her patients and is not just doing this for business. When he saw how desperate I was she offered me a check-up appointment in two weeks, meanwhile i should go to my internist, talk to her again and have my weight checked. I’m really grateful for this appointment because it immediately makes me feel like there is still an anchor left in my life and everything is not spiralling out of control yet.

I’ll keep you further updated about this and thanks everyone, who’s reading my blog! If you don’t think I’m a complete weirdo just ranting about bs and want to hear more, make sure to follow my blog! ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂


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