Sorry for being absent!

so basically it says in the headline but being me I always have to give people a full excuse, so here it is 😉

The reason I haven’t been on here a lot lately, is that ever since I created a second facebook account – where I can post whatever I like without people freaking – I have been mostly spending my time there. It’s easier to be in touch with people and my blog is not so well known (euphemistic expression for: No damn soul reads the stuff I post) and it kind of sucks to hardly get any reactions to my posts even though I always claim that I keep this blog for myself. I probably care a lot more about using this blog as a means also reach out to people, get to know similar people and exchange experiences and maybe even be an inspiration to some. But how would that be possible when the people I want to share things with are all on facebook however don’t read my blog?



I linked my blog with my second facebook account but I guess people are more into scrolling rather than opening links that don’t seem to matter. One thing is for sure though, if I never blog I won’t get any readers – obviously. The most successful private bloggers are mainly that successful because they dedicate lot of time to their blogs and keep it up regularly, if not daily. So I’ll try to be patient and do that from now on.

Another reason why I don’t blog for longer periods is that it stresses me and takes a lot of energy (!?) It strikes me as weird because we’re always told to deal with our thoughts by writing them down in a journal or blogging about them, yet both raise my anxiety levels and creates tension within me… same when I ‘talk’ with people about my problems. Instead of being a relief it’s more of an additional burden sometimes.


Nevertheless, this blog means a lot to me because despite no one reading it and using up a lot of my energy it is worth something to be able to create a sort of little world of your on where you have all the space to be and express yourself. Not to forget how rewarding it can feel, when someone (and even if it’s only one single person) shows up in your visitor counter on your dashboard 🙂



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