3-Day Water-Fast

Hi guys,

I’m going to do a water-fast starting tomorrow until Thursday 11th.
Mostly I’ve been having soup/broth, coffee and tea for the past few weeks but I slipped this weekend and had a lot of disgusting ‘normal-people-food’ 😉 Also I weighed myself yesterday and was up to 91,5lbs again which wouldn’t bother me that much if it weren’t for that checkup next Thursday.

It’s probably downright stupid and I’m a really weird person but I have this ego thing….. I don’t want to meet the doctor’s demands but if I weigh more than last time it’ll seem like I concurred which I didn’t so I need to loose 3kgs asap. Probably shooting myself  in the foot but my weird mind has this way of thinking….soooo: waterfast tomorrow!!! (yay!) Fucking weigh-ins…..I wouldn’t be so bothered with my weight and self-conscious if it weren’t for those check-ups 😦

I wish I could drink tea and energy drinks but I guess I’ll be likely to lose more if I drink water only – ugh! In general I find water super-yummy, especially if you have gone without for a while. But the tab water here doesn’t taste that good despite everyone saying so so I haven’t been drinking pure water for a while….I’ll probably have to buy bottled water to manage…

My period is over (for good this time I hope!) and I’m going to take some more lax tonight and be brave and weigh myself tomorrow. I need to face the ugly truth and if I’m two kgs heavier I’ll just have to accept that and carry on.

I’ll keep you updated and please wish me luck that I survive without caffeine and tea!!




2 thoughts on “3-Day Water-Fast

    • Thank you, that’s really kind of you to care! I actually got so nauseous that i broke the fast by drinking tea, next day i was eating ‘normal’ again. I’m such a failure at waterfasts;) x


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